Seisuke Kuraishi Interview

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Say hello to @eastcoder, a.k.a., “tenpura,” a.k.a, Seisuke Kuraishi, founder of Tinybit Inc., co-founder of, plugin daddy to WP Multibyte Patch, and CMS creator extraordinaire.

How did you first get into using WordPress?

I started using WordPress in 2006 in the web 2.0 and blog boom when I was looking for a good learning resource for new web technologies. I tried a few CMSs, but decided on WordPress. I have been creating custom CMSs for my clients with PHP and MySQL since 2001, so using WordPress was comfortable from the beginning. Needless to say, WordPress is still the best resource for people to learn the latest web development techniques.

How did you get involved in the WordPress community?

My first contact with the WordPress community was submitting a bug fix to Core trac. I also created a .org account with the silly ID “tenpura” (I…

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