In any case, it’s gone now. Please take a few minutes to go and look and see if you have any docs or wiki pages or notes or anything else that refers to this old entry, and update it. Please point them to ‘dl.fedoraproject.org’ (if you want to point directly to our master mirrors) or ‘download.fedoraproject.org’ (If you want it to point to a mirrormanager mirror that contains the content you seek).

via. Please update your links: download.fedora.redhat.com -> dl.fedoraproject.org « Kevin’s musings

epel リポジトリの dl に失敗するようになったんですが、どうやら download.fedora.redhat.com が廃止されて 「dl.fedoraproject.org」 になったようです。

「download.fedora.redhat.com」が繋がらない” への1件のフィードバック



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